Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ugly Warre Boxes

Now that I have run out of the wood that I had brought back from Sweden, I took apart two old pallets. These are pallets used for delivering building materials and have been stood outside in the elements for 3 or 4 years now. Anything nasty that may have contaminated them has long since gone. Here is the amount of wood I got from two pallets.

I cut each piece into 35cm lengths.

Then I ripped each piece 3 times to true them and size them down to 7cm wide. Selecting the best for the long sides, cut them all to length. I glued and dowelled 3 pieces together to get 21cm panels. Cut the rebates in the short sides and made up 6 warre boxes. The dowels I used were made from the rebate cutouts. The end result is not pretty but these boxes are going to sit inside Layens outer boxes.

I made a mistake cutting the top bars! I cut the lengths too short. I had a senior moment and cut them 28cm instead of 32cm! Trouble was I didn't realize until I had cut and grooved about 60 of them! Luckily I used the pallet beams to make a batch the correct length.


  1. That must have been really annoying Norm! I wish I could do that though - I have an unlimited supply of pallet wood, but sadly a very limited knowledge of woodworking!

  2. Mistakes happen - It does look good!

    Can I ask how many hives you're managing to date and how you're doing on catching swarms?

  3. Thanks for the comments folks. CGF, the warre hives are not hard to make if you have a table saw. Coopvilla, it is not quite swarm season yet, look back at this blog March April last year.