Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photo of Warre + Quilt Bait Hive

Here is the photo to go with the previous post.


  1. I was thinking of building some bait hives just to see if I can get one here in the middle of suburbia. Lots of bees around last year so I assume there must be hives somewhere "close".

    I'm wondering where you'll be placing the hives? I had assumed up high in a tree maybe but that looks more like it would go on on or near the ground?

  2. I'll be placing my bait hives in a few different locations. Some on the ground and some on top of walls. They say that bait hives should be high up but I have baited quite a few on the ground too.

  3. Low or high, doens't matter now that we can use lures. Pre-lure days was when you needed to put it at 8-12' high.