Friday, February 12, 2010

More on Bait Hives

I know I said that 2 warre boxes are the ideal volume for a swarm and that is true but I have had some success in the past using smaller boxes. As well as the two box warre in the Layens boxes mentioned before, I will also try a couple of single warre boxes. I prepared one today re-using old materials.

I started by adapting a standard warre floor. I think the standard warre floor footprint is too small when the hive gets taller so I am adapting all of mine by adding boards as feet. I used two pieces from the pallet beams from my recent post. I used 8 long screws previously recovered from my blue kenyan hive to screw the beams to the old floor.

Sat an old warre box on top, still with 8 top bars and starter strip foundation. Then stapled a square of mosquito netting over the top of the box.

I am not putting standard warre quilts on these bait hives but cut squares of wool carpet.

The roof is finally put on and now just waiting until I am ready to set them out. There is no old comb in this one, just the starter strips, so I will insert a couple of pieces of propolis in the entrance well to give it a welcoming smell to any scout bee that comes near.


  1. May this season be pleasantly plentiful! Drones in February, swarms in March, looks like you're just about ready...

    will be watching for updates ;)

  2. 快樂是你與生俱來的權力,它不應該取決於你完成什麼。 ..............................

  3. I actually used bing to translate the Chinese comment which says:-
    "Happiness is the power of you heritage of, it should not be up to you what"
    There is no answer to that!