Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini Hurricane

Last night for over 12 hours we experienced what can only be described as a mini hurricane. The Spanish neighbors said they had never seen the like! Trees broken and torn out by the roots. Concrete roof tiles flying threatening anyone stupid enough to venture outside. I was lucky in that I only lost a few roof tiles, but I just knew that my hives would be decimated. First light when it had settled down. I ventured down to the apiary to find my hives all scattered. After having had a few blow overs last year, I had repositioned some hives close to trees for shelter and leaned planks against the hives but this was just too much! The winds were about 85 miles per hour, it said on the news. The bees were in foul mood at being not only knocked apart but also buffeted by these winds for 12 or so hours. I put back together what I could, even though they resented me for it. I am sure I will loose a few but hope that at least some will pull through. At least the temps were warm and there was no rain.
A sad day for bees but I heard that 15 people had died in France from the same storm. That sobering thought puts it into perspective.


  1. Sad news Norm, I'm very sorry for you - maybe they'll be more resilient than you fear, I'm sure they've recovered from worse in their millions of years of evolution.

    Luckily here, despite the threats from the forecasters, the storm missed us in the SW UK.

  2. That's a shame, hopefully you save some of the hives.

  3. Sorry to hear about your hives Norm. Hope they settle back OK.

  4. I hope you have your roof back Norm. Shame about the bees - hopefully some of them will make it.