Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guerrilla Norm

Reading and watching You Tube videos about Guerrilla Gardening got me to thinking how this could benefit my bees. My dearth period is broken by a plant called Inula Viscosa which flowers in September. This is the most important plant for my bees. It grows in odd places around and I have been collecting the seed from last year. It makes good sense to spread these seeds within flying distance from my hives. I was struggling trying to make some tiny newspaper envelopes for them when my wife says she has a stamp for cutting out tiny enevelopes that she has for greeting card making. Worth a try I thought.

It didn't cut cleanly through the thin newspaper as it is meant to cut card but it did OK. It also scores a square of fold lines that is hard to see but makes the folding easier.

I folded three sides with a dab of paper glue.

I did a dozen or so, waited a few minutes to let the glue dry then put a little compost in the envelope.

Using tweezers I put a few seeds in the packet and stirred them into the compost.

Folded over the remaining flap and with a dab of glue I had my first mini seed parcels.

It took no time at all to make this dozen parcels and I will be making and distributing many more on my morning dog walk. A quick hoof of my heel, drop in the parcel and sidefoot the soil back over the parcel.


  1. Hi Norm,
    Inula viscosa is really an important plant here in Greece,too.Nice envelopes!If you like try to print some from this site:
    I like your blog very much.Keep walking!

  2. Dimitris, thanks for the comment. I think Inula must be all around the Mediteranean. I don't like handling the plant as it has a stickyness to it and tiny hairs that go in your skin. The bees like it though whilst there is little else for them. My dog ensures I walk every day so hopefully they will get spread all around!