Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tractor Warre Lift

I used my tractor warre lift for the first time today. The hive that has a layens transfer box with 8 Layens frames in it was sat on a floor which I wanted to change for one with a larger footprint. To achieve this I had to move the hive about half a metre to the left and set it on some concrete blocks that I had previously levelled. It worked really well! I connected the strop to the front bucket of the tractor, lifted slightly and reversed slowly in crawl gear whilst my wife steadied it by hand. Then forward to position over the new floor and box and then gently lowered onto it whilst my wife guided it to sit correctly.

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I put the roof back on and will now wait until April when I will harvest the top Layens box. This transfer box is about equal to two warre boxes so it will be interesting to find out if there are still any brood in it. The bees hardly noticed they had been moved and didn't bother us at all.

I set down the original floor by the entrance so that the bees on it could walk back home.

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