Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Bait Hives

The time has arrived for me to start deploying my bait hives ready for the imminent swarming season. Tomorrow I will be setting out 4 x double warre within Layens boxes and 2 single warre + ekes, as mentioned in my previous posts. These will go nearby my home apiary. I have a couple of other locations in which I will put just a single bait hive, hoping to catch a feral swarm. One will be a small Kenyan (about half size)

And another my papercrete box. Both will take standard Kenyan top bars.

This photo shows the papercrete box upside down having repairs done to the entrance hole. Whilst in storage, some rodent had enlarged the hole, gained access and munched on the combs. You can see the remains in this photo. I have already repaired the hole with sawdust mixed with wood glue.

A couple of years ago, I made these two queen mating boxes. I never got a chance to use them, so I stored them away. I found a cast had entered one of them. They drew one comb in which you can see the remains of some brood. They obviously decided to find somewhere else more spacious. I consider this my donation to the feral population. Anyway, it shows that even with a tiny bait box, it is possible to catch bees!

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  1. Hi Norm. I've just ordered my bee protective gear and am preparing to construct my first TBH. I put in a pond for my water plants and this will be the water source for my bees. I will now look into constructing a small bait hive. I hear lemon grass is good at attracting bees so I have some now growing. I just love your blog!!! I was inspired by the bee shed/workshop you built. I had a huge tough shed put up in my backyard but still would like a small shed for my garden junk LOL Take care. Patricia