Thursday, January 14, 2010

More warre boxes and wax bead bars

I used the last of the wood I had brought from Sweden to make a further 3 warre boxes. I made the top bars for them from the old kenyan top bars. I can get 3 warre top bars from one kenyan top bar, so little is wasted. I have been waxing foundation starter strips into kerfs of the top bars but I thought I would try something else.

Varrex a member of the NBN forum uses an old wood glue container to bead beeswax into the kerf of top bars. I tried a year or so ago and failed miserably. It was either too hot and just run everywhere or too cool and plugged up the spout. I thought I would give it another try.

I put the glue container with broken wax chips into my homemade solar melter.

After a few attempts I got the hang of it! Tilt the bar slightly whilst pouring from the spout down the kerf rather than squeezing the bottle. Allow the molten wax to run down the kerf.

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