Saturday, January 9, 2010

I hate waste! I think the throwaway society is one of the modern curses. I have 12 of these now redundant Layens hives just sitting around. After thinking about putting a warre inside WBC lifts, thanks to Christofer in Sweden, I wondered could I somehow use these Layens for something similar. I can and here is the plan. These Layens are one piece hives with fixed floor and roofs. I had to take the floor off two and a roof off one.

The floor is simply two boards with a central ventilation grill stapled to them.

I fixed two stout pieces of wood reclaimed from redundant kenyan hives as support feet using 8 large screws. I routed an entrance into one side of the floor.

The warre sits on the floor set back a little.

The Layens with both the roof and floor removed is set over and around the warre boxes.

The layens with just the floor removed sits upon the other layens. I screwed some cuff pieces around where they join so that no sideslip can occur.

There is room inside for a stack of exactly 4 warre boxes. Another tier could be added to bring it up to six and so on ad infinitum. There is no room for a standard warre quilt but the extra insulation in the layens roof and a square of carpet may suffice in my climate. So it seems several of my objectives have been achieved without much expenditure. The only thing missing is the aesthetics that a WBC hive has. Oh well! You can't have everything and I may still do that one day anyway.


  1. Norm, you are a role model when it comes to using materials and unnecessary waste! Your Layens/Warre looks absolutely brilliant. When do you plan to get them into action?

  2. Oh, and say that you built those Layens/Warre combinations in Sweden - do you recon that the insulation would be sufficient or would you prepare some extra coating for the winter?

  3. Thank you. I think I may set these out each with two warre boxes as bait hives this coming season. They are easily moveable, especially when I fit handles to the sides enabling me to take them to an out apiary if necessary.
    Yes I think that there would be sufficeint insulation, even in Sweden.