Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adam's Apiary

I was asked to provide a link to the photo I mentioned in an earlier entry about WBC hives. I have been given permission to reproduce it here. You can see that the WBC is a really nice looking hive. Not only that, but it is what everyone associates a hive to be like. I certainly think a warre would do well in this arrangement.

Click on the photo to enlarge.


  1. Thank you for the photo Norm (and Adam). Absolutely beautiful!
    Do you plan to build a Warré/WBC combo? (As you might remember I was thinking about the very same thing at the naturalbeekeeping forums: .)

  2. Christopher, yes I must have got the idea from you, thank you. Maybe in the future I will do a Warre/WBC combination but I have a simpler idea which does the same thing. I will reveal this in a future entry.
    Just one thing to note if you are going to try this WBC thing. Ensure you get bees that are not too prolific, you don't want to have too tall a stack!

  3. I'm looking forwars to reading about your idea; I bet it's as brilliant as always.
    I hope your Swedish bees are doing ok, this week we have had some -15 degrees Celsius and lots of snow even in Göteborg which is by far the coldest winter I can remember.