Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vipers Bugloss

I just noticed the first of the Vipers Bugloss has started to flower. I think it's proper name is Echium Vulgare. I had actually bought some Vipers Bugloss seeds because I know it is a good bee plant. Then I realized it is growing all around here naturally. Oh! well, it might be a particularly good strain.

They say you should move hives either less than three feet or more than three miles. Well tonight I moved seven layens hives about fifty metres/yards to my newly designated area for my apiary. So we will see tomorrow if the old saying is true or not. Michael Bush says not and I am in agreement with much of what he writes on his website. Four of the Layens are to be transfererred into other hives, two warre, one Kenyan top bar hive and one hybrid half framed Kenyan hive. The other three Layens will be split to make up for losses.

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