Friday, February 27, 2009

Last evening I took my new medical stethoscope out to the hives to try out. I put it on the roofs but couldn't really hear anything. I then put it on the side of the hive box and could hear the hum and bustle of what was going on inside. I then went to the two Layens to Warre transfers I am doing and listened to those too. I also put the stethoscope to the top box of the Warre and in the first hive there was silence but in the second one I could hear the hum of the bees at work. This was a bonus find for me, I found a non disruptive way of monitoring the progression of my Layens/Warre transfers.
This morning when I went to the apiary, I found in front of one hive a drone at pre-emergence stage that had been thrown out. It looked as though it's thorax had been punctured and it was infested with varroa mite. I hope this is a sign of hygenic behavior. I have made a note of which hive it was for future monitoring.

I put bait hives out at my out apiaries today hoping to catch feral swarms.

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