Sunday, February 22, 2009

I decided today to close the upper entrances on both the Layens/warre transfers. I have felt up until now that the bees needed both until they overcame the upset of being inverted. With today being a little cooler, I wasn't so worried about them overheating at the top of the hive trying to get out. I have monitored them all day and they are both now using the bottom warre entrances although many bees were still returning to the top entrance and were not finding the lower one about 4 feet below it. I went out again at dusk and they have all managed to find their way home. I expect it will be like this for a day or two with reducing numbers of bees still trying to return to the top.
The almond blossom is all but finished now with just a few fields with late flowering varieties in full blossom.

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