Friday, April 2, 2010

Modifications to my Perone Hive

Further modifications to my Perone hive include fitting six British National top bars as 'spales' perpendicular to the combs. I nailed 3 to the top and 3 to the bottom of the intermediate brood box. This is to prevent any comb collapse during hot weather.

Here the spales are shown at 90 degrees to the comb above.

Hive complete but still no signs of swarms.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Norman West,

    is wonderful !!

    To wish you much success capturing the swarm
    who will inhabit and fill to the brim this beautiful
    hive you've built.

    When the swarm between, do not forget to put the necessary boxes
    so that your hive has a 1,6 meter high

    Thank you very much friend, I am at your disposal.

    Oscar Perone

    Buenos Aires
    00 54 911 32837346
    skype: oscarperone