Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making a Perone Box from Pallet Wood

Someone on the forum mentioned that my 88 litre version of the Perone hive is too small and that it should be 100 litres plus. I have no more British National Boxes so I decided to make one to British National sizes. This ended up with internal dimensions of 42cm x 42cm x 19cm high, therefore a further 33+ litres. My Perone box will now be a staggering 123 litres, and that is without the supers!

I took all the slats off just one side of this old cement pallet.

Denailed the slats

Cut 4 lengths of 50cm, 4 of 42 and 4 of 19cm

Screwed the bottom parts together like so.

then added the top section. I had to true the last two sides up on the table saw so they were flush with the rest.

I have given a coat of Linseed mixture and hopefully tomorrow it will sit nicely under the bottom National Brood box of my Perone bait hive.

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