Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A new swarm arrives in my bait hive.

Whilst working in the garden yesterday, I thought I heard a car coming down the track to our house. I looked around and saw a cloud of bees in swarm transit coming across the front of our house. Satisfyingly, I watched them come down and take over one of my bait hives. Now I knew these were not from my one remaining hive. I only checked them last week and they were not in any position for swarming. On closer inspection, these new bees are much darker than my original bees. I examined the trajectory of the flight path on a map and I am 99% sure they are from a beekeeper known to me about 3 km away. These are the bees I mentioned last year that were reported to have very few mites. I said at the time, it would be great if I could get hold of these genetics. Photos to follow.


  1. Hi Norm, bees know a good place to live when they see it don't they, no estate agents needed! I'm learning a lot from your blog and the biobees site, thanks, kathy

  2. They must have read your mind, Norm. ;-)

  3. Hi Norm

    What did you use to attract the swarm to your hive. I am trying to commence beekeeking here in Tipperary, Ireland and bees are not so easy to come by at present. I might leave out a hive and hope for the best. What should I put in the hive to attract the bees?

  4. Thank you all for your comments, I have only just noticed them! There must be a way of being informed when someone leaves a comment.
    Don I just had old comb in this one. I have used lemongrass oil as an attractant in the past but I think old comb is better if you have it. There is much discussion on baiting swarms on the Natural Beekeeping Network forum. Check it out!