Friday, September 4, 2009

Steam wax melter

My wife said to me the other day that the steam cooker that we cook our fish and veggies in had developed a fault, it still worked but the timer which clicked it off had become useless. I am sure with a mind to the fact that I usually spill wax on the cooker when I am melting it in a double boiler (tin can in a pan), she suggested I may be able to use it for melting beeswax. Anyway she bought a super duper new steamer and today I trialed the old one to melt a couple of ounces of beeswax. It worked a treat! Within a few minutes the wax blocks were completely melted. I took the opportunity to wax glue some old comb into the top of an ali-baba basket to use as a swarm catching skep/bait hive. I stuck the small piece of comb in and then poured the rest of the molten wax directly into the lid to give it that beeswax smell.


  1. Oho! What a great ideam Norm! We just repaced our rice steamer with a bigger one and I have some wax to melt and strain. :-)

  2. Gordo Yes, there are three tiers which fit on this one. I have already figured putting old comb in muslin bags on the top two tiers with the catch tray in the bottom tier. I haven't tried that yet but I am sure it will work well.