Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Progress on Warre Bee House/Box

I made a little more progress on my warre bee house in the last couple of days. I am sort of designing it on the fly. Basically I want to enclose the warre hives with another box of sorts. The objectives are to 1) provide more shelter from the weather 2) house up to 5 warre hives. 3) provide protection from large animals which may knock over a lone standing warre. 4) house the means for lifting the warre boxes when heavy with bees and honey.

Here is a photo of the bee house in progress (on it's side with the front uppermost). It has a framework of 2x4's and a 1" ply floor. The front and sides will be half inch ply. Slots will be cut into the front to correspond with the warre entrances. I will also be putting the warre slotted metal entrances over each station. The front of the warre boxes will be pressed up against the front of the bee house front wall. The rear will have two large doors for access to the hives. I am inbuilding a bar spanning the bee house over which a lifting strop will attach to each hive. I have bought a manual winch shown in the second photo which can be slid along the bar to each hive as required. I should be able to fit at least 5 warre sections and a quilt in the height available. I am screwing eye bolts into each corner of each warre section and will make up a suitable lifting strop with 4 hooks. The bee house will sit on 4x4 skids which themselves will sit on concrete blocks. So far the bee house has cost about 85 euros including the winch.

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