Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Made Honeycomb Press

I saw this on a german bee forum that Bernhard Heuvel had mentioned on the warre yahoo group. I made mine out of an old exercise bench. I already had the pan and I bought a new scissor jack capable of lifting 1 ton. I will wash the jack several times in washing up liquid and relubricate with olive oil. The spout at the bottom of the pan is a cut down nozzle from a frame sealant cartridge. I cut a circular pressing block of pine and a rectangular block that the jack sits on. Around the inside periphery of the pan are many teak laths strung together with stainless steel wire. The jack was my only expense at 18 euros and considering I was going to pay several hundred euros on a press I am well pleased. Just need some honey to try it out now.

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